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NEW GOODIES! (pictures up soon)

  • Pretzel Cookies

The yumminess of a pretzel in mini bite-size, pretzel-shaped morsels. Just keep poppin'!

  • Lemon Meringue Tartlets

A crisp tart shell houses a tangy lemon curd filling, topped with a light, sweetened-just-right torched meringue. A favourite.

  • Carrot Cupcakes

A sophisticated cake thats full of flavour and depth. Carrots and walnuts never tasted so good together. This classic dessert is made even more appealing topped with a cream cheese frosting. Also comes in a 8x4 inch cake!


Dear everyone!

Ive decided to impose a minimum order of 6 for all muffins and cupcakes and brownies because it does not make alot of sense to spend time doing a small batch of bakes!

dont worry, just gather your friends to place a group order!

do understand guys=D, and thank you!

on the other hand, some good news! ive made some adjustments to my prices, as ive gained certain economies of scale!


Ive compiled the dazzling array of yummy cookies into a single post for your browsing convenience!

1. Crisp Chocolate Chip CookiesAn old-time favourite, these crisp cookies boast a delicate crumb that disintegrates in your mouth.

2. Malted Oats and Raisin Cookies
Malts give a great twist to this delicious and (almost) healthy cookie high in fibre and vitamin C!

3. Peanut Butter Caves
This one looks like a plain chocolate cookie from the outside, but it boasts a wonderful peanut butter filling. Think a cookie version of a tu-tu kueh!

4. Chipster Crunchies
Chunky, crunchy, yummy!

5. Cornflake Cookie Cups
These fruit bit studded babies sit prettily in their little cups. They look cute and taste delish!

6. Ground Oats Chocolate Chip Nut Cookies
The ground oats add a certain texture and taste to the cookies, but you wouldn't even suspect its presence! My favourite.

7. Double Chocolate Cookies
Chocolate on chocolate, for the chocolate lover. Chewy, moist, and simply delicious.

8. Melt in your mouth Shortbread cookies
Simple, yet very rich and crumbly, this cookie is perfect for the times when you want something deliciously plain. and plainly delicious=).

$15/ 35 cookies

hazelnut swirlies!

A delicious buttery cake swirled with just the right amount of sweet hazelnut topping. yumyum. These little cakelets were extremely popular with customers who came back to give me rave reviews!

$7/ 6 cakelets

Muffin Delight!

Addictive, yummy muffins that are eaten beyond the breakfast table! These are fragrant, deliciously tasty morsels that are hearty, yet not dense; they even boast a crunchy streusel topping. Comes in many delicious flavours!

Choice of cheese, double chocolate, chocolate chip, raisin, and banana.

$7/ 6 muffins

chocolate hazelnut tart

Rich and chocolatey but not too sweet, this dessert is tampered with a hint of hazelnut. Each bite speaks of sinful goodness! A must for any chocoholic!

$9/ pie (8 slices)

chiffon airheads!

Arent they pretty? A soft, airy, tender orange chiffon cake is paired with a layer of rich creamy frosting, topped with a cute fruit gum. A favourite of my parents, airheads are light, yet tasty snacks!

* other cake flavours: pandan, chocolate, mocha, vanilla, almond, mango
* choice of chocolate fudge or cream

$1.50 / cupcake
$8.50 / 6 cupcakes

surprise surprise


now, there are times we like to leave things to chance. we all love a nice surprise don't we?

let me put a smile on your face today!

For only $10, i would bake a set of goodies for you, putting careful thought into what your tastebuds would love, based on my impression of you. Do write me something short about yourself if you think I don't know you at all, or if you want me to avoid using certain ingredients. other variables involved includes my mood the day... ha ha ha. Sounds interesting? It is! Tastes yummy too.

Place your orders today=)!

Brownie Muffins

Nope, this is not just a brownie in a muffin cup.
Baked with the essence of 600 subjugated cocoa beans... this delicious muffin topped with chocolate chips tastes divine when eaten warm (or not) - you simply cant stop at one! The chocolately smell of the muffins baking always has me (and my family) salivating...
$7 / 6 muffins

Mmm mmmm Fudge Brownies!

The ultimate brownie. This one possesses a crisp top crust, slight crunchy sides, but a perfectly moist, chewy, rich, and chocolately centre. Absolutely yummy, absolutely "Mmm mmmm!"

$12 / 9x4 inch brownie

$24 / 9x9 inch brownie